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Let me introduce you to Erica, one of my good friends & a phenomenal makeup artist! We have gone to the same church for several years but became friends over 2 years ago and have loved getting to work together! Without further a-do, here's Erica! 

1. What made you want to work in the wedding industry? Wedding days are full of anticipation, love, and happiness. I love being a part of those days; sharing in the joy of the bride and all those involved.

2. What’s your favorite part of weddings? I have two favorite's when it comes to weddings. I love the planning and the organizing leading up to the big day. Since I don't generally attend the actual event, I love being in the room where all of the girls are getting ready. With the laughter and beauty all around, it's like nothing could ever go wrong.



3. What’s your favorite wedding show/movie, and why? It is hard for me to narrow down my favorite wedding movie, there are just so many! However, if I had to pick just one, it would probably be 27 dresses. I feel like I can relate to that movie, just a little. Now, my favorite show is Friends and the episode with Phoebe's wedding is my ultimate favorite TV wedding of all time. Even though the snow made everything fall a part, it is also what makes everything come together in the end. Monica took charge and made that the best day ever!


4. What’s your favorite part of meeting new couples?  Each couple comes with their own expectations and wants. They also come with individual personalities, styles, dreams; and I love them all! I've always had a love for meeting new people and getting to know what it is they truly want out of their wedding day. We have so much fun and end up being good friends after it is all said and done. 



5.What is your inspiration for what you do?  Inspiration can come from anywhere. Mine stems from my best friend, Seneca, and my cousin, Matthew. It comes from colors, clothing, backdrops, and my favorite flowers. There is really no limit to my inspiration, and I welcome it all with and open mind.  Although the number one thing that inspires me, is the people that I have the priviledge to work with. 


6.When should brides be booking you? The time of booking is always crucial, no matter what aspect of the wedding planning you are in. I usually tell my brides to book with me at least 6 months in advance. This gives us plenty of time to do a trial run and to get to know each other. Now, if you don't have a particularly long engagement, booking as soon as you are able is always best. 

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