Bridesmaids Dress Shopping Tips // Seneca's Bridal

  1. Decide what you envision your bridesmaids to look like on your wedding. Do you want them all in one color? Do you want them all in the same style dress? Or all the same color, but different style? Or all the same style, but different color? (say that 3 times fast!  ) Do this before you even step foot into the bridal shop. When you go in with a clear vision, it makes the process go smoother as the bridal shop stylist can help you & your girls! It also will eliminate the risk of one of the bridesmaids changing your mind & then you regretting the decision. This is your wedding, decide what you would like & that’s what it will be! Which leads into the next point for bridesmaids…
  2. Bridesmaids, this is the bride’s day to shine! Of course, she wants you to look your best too but ultimately, the choice of what you wear is hers & it’s your job to rock it! Regardless of whether you like the dress style or if the color doesn’t flatter your skin tone, but go with the flow & wear it proudly! And be supportive to your bride! 
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of awesome accessories! Necklaces or earrings make great bridesmaids gifts and will add a finishing touch to the bridesmaids look!
  4. Be sure to get sized correctly for your dress! Bridesmaids dresses rarely are the same as street sizes, so it is important to have correct bust, waist, and hip measurements for the bridal shop to plug into the sizing chart. Don’t fret if the dress size is bigger than the one you normally wear, it’s normal for formal wear!!

Bridesmaids, remember your job is to support your bestie! Instead of worrying about how you look, focus on fulfilling your bridesmaids duties & loving the new couple!

We just received the brand new Allure Bridal Bridesmaids dresses at Seneca’s Bridal & we are in LOVE!!