How to Save Money on Your Wedding

It's a fact, weddings can be pricey. But there are many ways to cut some of those costs so that even if you have an expensive taste, it won't break the bank.

Before I go on though, I want to address if you're looking to cut costs, you might need to be willing to change your fairy tale childhood dreams into a realistic beautiful wedding day. I don't mean settle on anything, because this is your day. But I do mean if you are are set on the most popular venue in town no matter the price, you might need to give up having $200 flower centerpieces on each table and having a 10 course meal. If you choose to have a wedding within your means, you will be able to enter into your marriage without that debt, and start saving for what you both want in your marriage! Now onto some suggestions!

  1. Prioritize then budget. By making a list of what's most important to you, whether it's having an awesome photographer, the best food, the most extravagant flowers, etc, you are consciously or not, putting a "I'd like to spend X or less on fill in the blank."So you don't have any idea what things cost? Start shopping around, and then use a budgeting tool on WeddingWire, or if you're good at math, do it yourself to keep from spending more than you have planned.
  2.  Do it yourself! You want rustic log slices? The cheapest you'll find might be in your backyard! Want a personalized wedding? The most affordable way might require a lot of work, but it usually pays off. Don't have time but still want personal touches? Etsy has a wide variety of affordable items that can be personalized to your liking for a better price than most craft stores. *It is to note though doing things yourself is usually most affordable, some projects it's just not. Do your research before you get in over your head!
  3.  Double purpose things. So you want to have fun escort cards, rad favors, and you still need a drinking glass? Why not combine all three into a mason jar. Have some stunning flowers to line your aisle? Why not bring them to the reception for centerpieces or to add some extra color! Make sure you leave extra vases around for your bridesmaids bouquets as well.
  4.   Do a dummy cake! Three or four tiered cakes, though beautiful can cost an arm and a leg. Instead, have the top six inch cake be whatever you choose, and then have your bakery do a fake cake for the rest. That way you can bring in sheet cake, or cupcakes to save on desserts! Want to save even more?! We did a wedding where they had family members bring in all different kinds of pie!
  5.  Hire a a wedding planner.  I know, it doesn't make sense to hire another wedding vendor, when you're trying to cut costs. But the sooner you realize what a wedding planner does, it will make sense. That budget we talked about earlier? We can help you create it, and stick to your guns about it. We are also professional negotiators with other vendors so that you will only be paying for what you need, with no extra fees. As we plan, we don't forget anything, which will save you from more expensive last minute costs. Generally I always tell my couples, "What I cost you, we can save you," not to mention all the time and stress we save you on top of that!

  Looking for some more specific tips or advice? Don't hesitate to send us an e-mail.

Candice Mock of Patchwork Planning