Who To Invite To Your Wedding


When it’s comes time to sit down and decide who you will invite to your wedding, it can be quite overwhelming. Of course you will want to invite people that mean a lot to you, and the people who have had a positive impact on your relationship! And, you can’t forget your favorite teacher from high school, and well, then maybe you should invite the bus driver from high school, and if you do that your elementary school bus driver will feel left out, then just invite them both, do we have room for that….


Sorry about that.

Let’s talk about why you invite people to your wedding.

Well, it’s obvious right? You want to invite people who you want to celebrate with. The people who will fill the seats are people who have filled your hearts. (Awe!) They are people who love you, and people who you love!

Of course, it is entirely possible that your wedding venue simply cannot seat all of the people you are so fond of. How are you supposed to pick and choose?

1. Invite your family.

Your family loves you! Even if there have been family issues in the past, they won’t want to miss being a part of this beautiful day! Plus, what a wonderful time in your lives to have fresh beginnings!

2. Invite your friends.

Invite the friends that have been there for you, rooted for you, and loved you. Invite the friends who want to be there! Invite the ones you can celebrate with! This may eliminate some “friends”, but remember, this day is one that should be filled with love, and encouragement.

3. Invite your mentors.

Throughout your life you will come across people who just help you be a better person, invite them! They will be a sense of peace and stability on your big day, who doesn’t need some of that?

If you cannot possibly stand the thought of not inviting someone you love, make sure you have a venue that can seat many, many loved ones! But, please remember, if for any reason attendance cuts must be made, they will ultimately understand.

Once you have made up, and sent out your invitations, you will start receiving your RSVPs! How very exciting!!