Vendor Love // Ambiance Events


Kelly from Ambiance Event Planning & Floral Design is the picture of a boss lady! I first got to work with her about a year ago, after hearing so many positive things about her work! I remember walking into Friedman Farms and seeing her hard at work, so focused at the task at hand, and her attention to detail was amazing! She does event planning and floral design, and travels all over the world working with amazing couples! Here’s our interview with Kelly so you can get to know her!!

What made you want to work in the wedding industry? *When I was 18 and in college, I had a friend who worked at a flower shop off campus. I would stay there between classes and eventually helped her out when she was busy. I like to know all about anything that I do, so this turned into me reading every book, watching every video and traveling to any seminar I could get. This was much harder 20 plus years ago when I began, the information was not so easy to come by. This rolled into a new little flower shop and I ran it with my best friend for a few years. I left that to begin teaching Horticulture, Floriculture, Business to high school students during the day and adults at night for over a decade while I started my consultation business. After the class closed a few years ago, I went back to full time weddings and have been doing it ever since.

What’s your favorite part of weddings? Watching the groom see the bride for the first time. even though i have done it probably close to a thousand times, it still gets me when the music starts and the doors open up and he sees her start walking towards him. Truly beautiful!

What’s your favorite wedding show/movie, and why? It isn’t specifically about a wedding, but the Sound of Music has always been a favorite and the wedding scene is one of the most beautiful I think. The gown, the aisle, the church itself, the gates she walks through, the steps up to the alter…all of it! just gorgeous.

What’s your favorite part of meeting new couples? New personal aspects to incorporate into a wedding. I love when a couple will add person touches (not just what the latest Martha Stewart Magazine says) into their wedding. Especially when it is religious, ethnic or cultural aspects. (bonus points if I have never done it before) I love learning new things and after so long, getting to do something uniq and truly personal is a treat. I just booked a Vietnamese wedding this year and I and overjoyed to get to be a part of another new wedding with traditions I have never seen before.

What is your inspiration for what you do? I am inspired by the smile on a bride or groom at the end of a wedding. It is really hard work sometimes. Often a 15-17 hour day for me, and that is just the wedding day, not the days leading up to or after the wedding, but to see a client truly happy and appreciative of the work and knowing they got to enjoy their wedding make me ecstatic and gives me the drive to get on to the work of the next one. It truly is a high to know someone entrusted such an important day to you and they appreciated all the work you did for them.

When should brides be booking you? I usually book 18-24 months in advance, especially for the busy months (September, October, May & June) There is always a chance I have a random date free or a couple cancelled their wedding for some reason, but I always advise to book as soon as possible. Designs and services can be edited later, but since we only take one wedding per day, we advise reserving your date as soon as possible.

Thank you Kelly!! You can check out her work here on her website: Ambiance Events!