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Monzie’s Floral is the best! I love stopping by the flower shop and always leave smiling! Monica & Lonni are so good at what they do and have fun while they’re doing it! Monzie’s Floral is located in Tunkhannock, PA to help with any of your flower needs!


What made you want to work in the wedding industry? I never really WANTED to work in the wedding industry. It was just part of the job when I started designing but I’ve come to really enjoy the wedding and event side of the business. I love that every bride is different.


What’s your favorite part of weddings? Obviously the FLOWERS! Kidding! Honestly, my favorite part of weddings is seeing how adorably excited the Groom’s are. It is so awesome to witness that kind of love. 



What’s your favorite wedding show/movie, and why?
My favorite wedding movie is Bridesmaids. It’s absolutely hilarious and I love to laugh!

What’s your favorite part of meeting new couples?
I love meeting new couples and seeing their wedding ideas and dreams blossom ~ no pun intended!

What is your inspiration for what you do?
I don’t really have an inspiration. My Dad was a woodworker his entire life. He was so creative and made some really beautiful pieces. I credit my creative genes to him, and I feel that everything I create comes from the love and support he and my mom gave me.

When should brides be booking you?
My ideal bride comes in about 6 months out from her wedding. By that point, most girls have their overall color scheme and wedding theme nailed down, it’s just up to me to make their visions a reality.

Instagram: @monziesfloral


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