Cece & Matt / Chippy White, Tunkhannock Engagement Session

She noticed him across the room at a mutual friend's engagement party...and it was love at first sight. One of those feelings you can't explain but you just know. Cecelia told her friend (who is now her maid of honor!!) before she had spoken a word to the cute boy named Mat,  "Oh my god, I'm telling you I'm in the same room as the man I'm going to marry. I don't know how or why, but I'm telling you he is who I'm marrying. I just have this feeling." Mat had noticed her too and a few people dropped her name to him throughout the night. They both drafted a Facebook message to each other but Cecelia beat him to sending it and two days later they went on their first date. That was about a year and a half ago and they've been smitten ever since. 

Just from emailing a little bit with Cecelia, I knew I was going to love them & sure enough, it felt like hanging out with best friends during their engagement session in Tunkhannock. Cecelia is the type of person to light up any room with her energy & joy while Mat watches her adoringly. It's literally the sweetest thing to watch! 

We spent some time at Chippy White Table and bonded over our mutual love for all things cute & chippy!! Julie & Stella make everyone feel at home & welcome in their space...so much so that I just want to move in! 

I am so excited for Mat & Cecelia's wedding next year at the Beaumont Inn! 


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